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First of all we should together understand what is the main goal-idea-task about creating specific video or animation. 



According to the preferences, budget and possibilities, there will be a few different solutions to create exactly what you need. 



Preparation is the base. Only preparation of all components will allow to do everything at a high quality level, enjoy the process and deliver great visual content.



The main stage during which the content is creating. But still, the production process itself is only a third of the effort involved in video production.



This stage is as important as all the previous ones. Post-production may take up most of the production time, depending on the tasks involved. But even if this is not required, it is always worth paying special attention to it.







My name is Ievgen, I’m from a small town in Ukraine, but the last five years I’ve been living in Poland. My interest in video began with an editing of TV series fragments, music videos and game recordings.  Learning software, mastering theoretical knowledge and practical skills is my everyday "routine". During last two years I've completely devoted myself to development in the area of creating visual content.

With the processing and editing, I have also gradually moved to video recording. At the practical workshops I collectively filmed and edited student's shorts. As an assistant I worked on the music videos and a TV series. Mainly I create advertising and reportage videos.

I prefer to work in a team, I like to share responsibilities (script, filming, editing, color correction, effects, sound) and build the process of professional video production according to the rules. But depending on the level of the project, I can independently produce each individual stage and offer a complete and finished product. I am open to cooperation, interesting ideas and new projects.

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